What We Do

ECA Strategies offers a hands-on full suite strategic government and public affairs advisory

Launched in 2014, ECA Strategies offers a hands-on and full suite strategic government and public affairs advisory service to clients with complex needs looking to work closely with their consultants. In 2019, ECA launched a hi-tech practice focused on the Israeli ecosystem. This practice encompasses our traditional core competencies and also advises early stage to scaled up companies on:

  • Market penetration
  • Collateral review for the US market 
  • Strategic partnerships with sector leaders in our home base of Texas
Global strategy solution concept - earth jigsaw puzzle
Our myriad experiences and institutional knowledge have enabled us to build an invaluable set of resources that are our most trusted tools for guidance, intelligence and navigation. In partnership with our clients, we build out a blueprint for success by utilizing finely honed methods based on best-in-class industry and market expertise.

ECA gathers insights through a formulaic approach as we work to address their specific client concerns and plot future steps for our clients...

We view our clients as our partners. Relationships serve as a core tenant of the firm as we keep in close touch with our clients every step of the journey. Our work is predicated on giving our fullest capabilities to those that have entrusted us. Because of this, ECA therefore limits client onboarding in each sector to remain conflict free and unencumbered to anything but our clients’ best interest.

ECA Strategies

As our clients are the best ambassadors for their businesses, we are privileged to work closely with them to showcase their industries to influential decision makers on their policy issues.